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"My silence is written with music & you are the letter of my words"

Verake with Eysa.
created to offer content based
in the development of musical intelligence, emotional

and creative thinking.

Stimulate through music, with the aim of helping to discover the social and communicative nature of the person.

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Eysa on the 1i2c Radio UK "1 Ear 2 Hear" Electronic Music with John Whitaker to coincide with Standon Calling Festival & Gary Numan's tour

Eysa on the BredaNu Radio NL "E-Cloud FM" Electronic Music with Marc Van Oers

Eysa on the Radio Enkhuizen NL with Peter Timmerman

Eysa on the Radio Ciutat Vella ES - Magazine Ville à Dômat about Barcelona' s indie and alternative music & culture scene

• The song AIRE from the album Espurnes d' ànima has been included in a beneficial compilation CD Return to Samaka  SATELITE OLDFIELD V

Its purpose is to raise funds for the ONG Matumaini EPD to help children in Karatu (Tanzania) at risk of social exclusion


Eysa is a Catalan singer (Girona) who rose to prominence as part of Ambient music band Eybec. 

Since her career began in 2000,
Eysa has been involved in a wide range of projects.

She received a European Broadcasting Union (EBU) Folk Award for the music score to the song El desembre congelat, a collaboration with (HIDROGEN) and TV3.

Her voice has been described as rich, deep, dark, unique and heavenly.


Love the deep mysterious mood of Voice and music of Eysa. So hauntingly beautiful

Sally Oldfield

Singer songwriter, sister of composers MIKE & TERRY OLDFIELD
Eysa have a beautiful and lovely voice, very atmospheric 

Tom Newman

MIKE OLDFIELD Producer (Tubular Bells 1973, Hergest Ridge 1974, Platinum 1979, Five miles out 1982 coproducer, Islands 1987, Amarok 1990, Heaven' s open 1991, Tubular Bells 2 1992)

Eysa tiene una voz muy ambiental, muy Enya Paco Salazar

Eysa  jest bardzo utalentowaną piosenkarką. Prywatnie natomiast kobietą o wielkim sercu oraz ogromnej wrażliwości.  Anonima OdNowa

Eysa tiene una voz dulce e hipnótica que te hace viajar a un mundo lleno de paz y armoníaJaime del Olmo

Periodista de COPE Cantabria
Eysa is a fantastic artist and a delicious friend. She has got a so unique musicality and her voice is very delicate and profound. I' m looking forward to collaborating with her, very soon Raffaele Schiavo

Eysa es una artista tocada por la gracia de las musas  que antaño bendecían con sus dones a "elejidos" 
Varie T Magazine intérprete sólida y versátil de extraordinaria belleza tímbrica, muchos la comparan con Lisa Gerrard (Dead Can Dance), Liz Frazer (Cocteau Twins), Teresa Salgueiro (Madredeus) o Enya 

Varie T Magazine
Eysa es una mujer tan bella como la música que representa, luz del mediterraneo Varie T Magazine

Enya en Bel Canto zijn soms niet ver weg, maar in de eerste plaats klinkt dit toch als een Spaanse versie van de Cocteau Twins of – en dat is wellicht nog de beste vergelijking – All About Eve, want meer nog dan op Liz Frazer lijken stem en zangstijl van Eysa op die van Julianne Regan


Un cocon sonore où la voix d’ Eysa nous berce. La voix si pure et intense qui s'envole jusqu'au tréfonds de nous rêves 
Les acteurs de l' ombre

The Catalan singer Eysa dives us in a touching & intimist OdysseyPrikosnovenie label 

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